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We offer a complete range of services. We understand the market like none other which helps us provide solutions for all your needs.

Scalable Apps

We develop apps that can handle ever increasing traffic through our state of the art infrastructure and tools.

Highly Available Apps

We Create apps which are highly available i.e they can withstand a huge amount of traffic as well as concurrent users going in and out of the app without the app completely crashing or without affecting the SLA.

Workflow automation

We can automate your businesses workflow through our tool.


We help businesses who are struggling by co-developing the product with them using our years of practical experience in the industry.

Real time 3D customisation

Using our state of the art tool we can make your product 3D and give the end user real time customisation which is a one of a kind experience

Technical consulting

We provide solutions for your technical problems through our top knotch consultancy.

Web development

Our team of dedicated developers can design and create websites for your business in no time!

Technical incubation

We help other start-up’s grow and flourish by providing them space and help.

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